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How To Realistically Set Your Fees - Part 1
We all know there are 52 weeks in a year and 40 working hours in a week. Therefore, we can bill 2080 hours per year, right. Wrong. Too often this is the trap that many new service businesses fall into. The first step in calculating your...
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PR: Behavior Modification Specialist
While awaiting economic recovery, business needs to attract the attention of its most important external audiences in a more targeted and focused way. Primarily to impact the perceptions of those key outsiders so that resulting behaviors help...
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Lotto's - It Is All About Trust, and Honesty !
This week I received e-mails from a lady who participated in the match 5 competition, the match 5 competition is behind the link "Win 1000" on the VWD website. ...
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Integrity is the Best Tool to Get What You Want
As a child, you probably heard, "to thine own self be true." But what does that really mean? When the newspapers are full of cheating and lying business owners, politicians, and academics, does it really make sense to maintain your integrity? To...
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