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What Is Your Greatest Weakness?
The fastest way to make a good interview go bad is to avoid questions posed by the hiring manager. The one question candidates love to avoid is, “What is your greatest weakness?” Most candidates are quick to respond with superficial answers such...
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Interview Preparation Made Easy: Create An Interview Preparation List
Here's a quick way to compare your own job experience and qualifications with those that your prospective employer is looking for in a specific job position. Make an “Interview Preparation List”. When you prepare for a job interview, it's good...
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How to Shrink Your Phone Bill
Most people don’t think it makes a difference which long distance provider they choose anymore. But, fact of the matter is, if you are still using one of the big three, you could save up to 60% on your monthly phone bill. If you know what you...
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How to Refinance Your Home
Refinance Your Home - There are several reasons why you should consider a refinance mortgage on your home loan. When you refinance your home, you can cut your monthly mortgage payments. In addition, you can tap into your equity, or your...
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How We Eluded The Bear Of 2000
The date October 13, 2000 will forever be embedded in my mind. It was the day after our mutual fund trend tracking indicator had broken its long-term trend line and I sold 100% of my clients’ invested positions (and my own) and moved the...
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