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The Average Profile of Customers Opting for a Payday Loan Cash Advance
Payday loans are loans of a small amount, taken for a short duration of time. Payday loans are generally meant to be paid off on the next payday. Payday lenders loan out thousands of dollars every week to people who are in dire need of money....
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Smart Landlords Use Very Smart Leases
The longer you are a landlord the more you strive to create the perfect lease/rental agreement. Landlords learn in the school of hard-knocks that some tenants are certified trouble makers and we try our best to protect ourselves with a carefully...
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Imagine PR Like This Helping You
As the kids say, how cool is this? You’re a business, non-profit or association manager and, finally, you decide to do something positive about the behaviors of those important outside audiences of yours – behaviors that MOST affect your...
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Reminding Yourself of Prosperity
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Thoughts are things and words have wings?” This phrase is the perfect expression of the principle of prosperity. How you think about and talk about your level of prosperity is what actually manifests in your...
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Successfully Adding a Service To Your Business
There will come a time in your business where you feel ready to add another service offering. To make this successful, there are ten tips to consider before moving ahead. 1) Revisit your business plan. If you don't have one, write one for...
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