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What is Network Marketing?
Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing, MLM, Relationship Marketing... These are buzzwords we've all come across over and over again - but what exactly do they mean? How do you market a relationship or a network - and would you want to? And how...
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The Ghost of Expected Surprises
Here, Cratchet, what do you think youíre doing? Uh, er, leaving sir. Leaving? Itís 5 minutes to the hour. Shall I dock your pay accordingly. Uh, er, no sir. No sir? Well itís back to work for you then, and be quick about it. And I...
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Payday Loan
Does "I just need enough cash to tide me over until payday." sound familiar to you? I'm betting it does. We constantly find ads to this effect on the radio, television, the Internet, and even in the mail. The type of loan being referred...
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Sealing The Deal Over The Business Meal
Doing business over meals is a ritual that has existed for centuries. Taking clients to breakfast, lunch or dinner has long been an effective way to build relationships, make the sale or seal the deal. These business meals are essentially business...
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The Challenges of Human Resource Management
Introduction The role of the Human Resource Manager is evolving with the change in competitive market environment and the realization that Human Resource Management must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization....
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