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Smart Landlords Use Very Smart Leases
The longer you are a landlord the more you strive to create the perfect lease/rental agreement. Landlords learn in the school of hard-knocks that some tenants are certified trouble makers and we try our best to protect ourselves with a carefully...
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The Difference between MLM and illegal Pyramid Selling
How can I tell a legal Network Marketing business from an illegal Pyramid? Network Marketing also known as MLM ('multi-level marketing'), relationship marketing and referral marketing, is the 21st century way for entrepreneurs to build a high...
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Keeping Abreast Of Your Domain ...Updates and Keeping Up With It All
Another major complaint that most business owners have is all the reading they need to do to keep abreast of what is happening in their business area. Again time management and organization can be a tremendous help. Be sure to put your...
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Should you choose to refinance?
Refinancing has become a valid option for many individuals with high interest rates on their mortgage. Refinancing is essentially a replacement loan, with a different lender and (hopefully) a lower interest rate. So why would you choose to...
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How to Protect Yourself & Your Business
As a business owner, you already know how important it is for your customers to feel safe about doing business with you. After all, if a customer even suspects he may not receive everything he was promised, then chances are he's taking his business...
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