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Imagine PR Like This Helping You
As the kids say, how cool is this? You’re a business, non-profit or association manager and, finally, you decide to do something positive about the behaviors of those important outside audiences of yours – behaviors that MOST affect your...
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Ideal Marketing Methods for Home-Based Businesses
What is the difference between a small business that makes it and one that does not? Most likely, the one that was successful engaged in some effective marketing. Wise marketing is critical for owners of home-based businesses for a number of...
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How to Survive in Business Long Enough to Win
As a former human resources professional it has always intrigued me as to why people were more 'successful' than others. By 'successful' we are referring to an innate ability of some people to set and achieve worthwhile challenges for...
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PR: Your 500 Pound Gorilla
What else, for goodness sake, could you as a business, non-profit or association manager, call a heavy-duty helper who does something REALLY positive about the behaviors of those outside audiences of yours that most affect your organization? ...
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Technology & Your Business: A Beneficial Relationship
As a home-based business owner, you probably don't have a high-priced IT manager on staff to fill you in on which technologies could help boost your efficiency and success. You may also lack the confidence to incorporate new technology into your...
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