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Losing business monentum?
CONTENTS: 1. Are you losing momentum while others plan ahead? 2. Is your brainstorming getting the action you want? 3. Are you starting your new employees the right way? 4. Are you maintaining your documentation correctly? 5. Call...
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BLUE SKY PROPERTIES IN CYPRUS work closely with a wide range of real estate professionals within our group of companies This allows us to assess your individual needs independent of pre-selecting any area or town. Our goal is to provide sound...
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So You Want to be a Freelancer? Here's How!
Not that long ago, freelancing was something people did mainly in larger metropolitan areas where work for writers, artists, and other creative types was plentiful and easily accessible. Today, however, the freelance landscape has dramatically...
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Turnover is Not a Problem
“Ha!” you say. “For someone to make a statement like that, they obviously haven’t worked in the real world and certainly have never had to run a company.” Well, let me assure you. In my past I’ve not only run companies, but spent many years...
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Secrets To Successful Publishing
Have you ever wondered what would it take to compete successfully with the “big guys” like Simon & Schuster and even get to the top of the heap? If there is such thing as a magic formula for success, then the story of Geela, the author of the...
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