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If One Does Not Do Any Planning, One Is Planning To Fail
MARKETING STRATEGIES An enterprise may adopt different marketing strategies dependent on the size and position of the business in its industry. The marketing strategy adopted may prove crucial to generate sales. These marketing strategies...
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What do Employees Wish for Most (And How To Get It)
What do many employees wish for at work? A bonus or raise. At least that's so according to results from a recent survey developed by OfficeTeam, a global staffing service that specializes in placing administrative professionals. The ...
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Want to Work from Home? Ever Given a Thought to Telecommuting?
There are many mistaken definitions of what telecommuting means. The very name gives the impression of someone answering work telephone calls from home or typing furiously away at their computers. Traditionally, telecommuting meant that an...
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How To Prevent Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions
What Are Possible Signs of Fraudulent Transactions see at Web Hosting Companies? Customer wants to pre-pay for a year Domain Name Registration for 5 years or more Orders using free email address providers like Hotmail, Yahoo,...
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PR: Behavior Modification Specialist
While awaiting economic recovery, business needs to attract the attention of its most important external audiences in a more targeted and focused way. Primarily to impact the perceptions of those key outsiders so that resulting behaviors help...
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