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The Magic of Thinking Small by Mike Litman
Many of you might disagree and I'm prepared for that. Many 'guru's' might say "Mike, you're wrong." and I'm prepared for that. But what I'm about to share with you has been one of my biggest secrets to my success. This secret has been...
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The Difference between MLM and illegal Pyramid Selling
How can I tell a legal Network Marketing business from an illegal Pyramid? Network Marketing also known as MLM ('multi-level marketing'), relationship marketing and referral marketing, is the 21st century way for entrepreneurs to build a high...
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Payday loan: A Complete overview
From different surveys, it is seen that the number of customers taking payday loan as well as payday lending companies are increasing frequently. If you are a person taking the payday loan for the first time or want to gather information regarding...
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Public Relations Defining Your Organization from the Inside Out
What do your customers say about your company? Would you let your major competitor control your sales strategy? Public relations is an inevitable consequence of being in business. Whether you like it or not, your corporate image evolves...
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