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Turnover is Not a Problem
“Ha!” you say. “For someone to make a statement like that, they obviously haven’t worked in the real world and certainly have never had to run a company.” Well, let me assure you. In my past I’ve not only run companies, but spent many years...
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The Durrett Rule Bites Foreclosure Investors
Folks learn that you know something about real estate investing and they eagerly ask you about buying foreclosure property. The general assumption is that they can buy a beautiful home at a deep discount at a foreclosure auction. Their...
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How To Realistically Set Your Fees - Part 3
Effect of Benefits We have previously examined realistic billable hours and the effect of business expenses on your hourly rate. Now we'll look at the effect of benefits. Once upon at time, when we were employed, we received a benefits...
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The REAL Secret to Success
I used to see a chiropractor who handed out a little leaflet entitled “Dr. Hickman’s Guide to Success in Business.” It was very nice, had his picture on the front and was professionally printed. On the inside it said, “Get a job and go to work...
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Online Mortgage
The main advantage of applying for online mortgages is their convenience. It is relatively easier to apply for an online mortgage than it is for an offline mortgage. The Internet is a wonderful tool and one which you can take full...
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