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Working at Home Doesn't Have to Mean Feeling Alone
Operating a home-based business may let you set your own schedule, spend more time with your children, and earn more money but it does have its own set of challenges. One of those challenges can be a feeling of loneliness. Many home-based...
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Interview Preparation Made Easy: Create An Interview Preparation List
Here's a quick way to compare your own job experience and qualifications with those that your prospective employer is looking for in a specific job position. Make an “Interview Preparation List”. When you prepare for a job interview, it's good...
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How to Maximize your Home Business Tax Deductions for 2005
Someone once said, ‘the best way to calculate your taxes is…Honestly’. For 2005, add ‘Smartly’ to that and you’ll get to keep more than you make. This April 15th is going to be the day of reckoning for every taxpayer. If you are smart enough with...
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Visa & MasterCard Raise Credit Card Processing Rates
Visa & MasterCard have raised interchange rates again effective April 2005, but before we explain the increase lets look at what comprises a discount rate as these credit card processing rate increases are not simple. The discount...
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