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Losing business monentum?
CONTENTS: 1. Are you losing momentum while others plan ahead? 2. Is your brainstorming getting the action you want? 3. Are you starting your new employees the right way? 4. Are you maintaining your documentation correctly? 5. Call...
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BLUE SKY PROPERTIES IN CYPRUS work closely with a wide range of real estate professionals within our group of companies This allows us to assess your individual needs independent of pre-selecting any area or town. Our goal is to provide sound...
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Keeping Your Business's Finances on Track
One of the biggest benefits of operating a home-based business is that it doesn't require any formal training or experience. After all, some of the most successful individuals never attended a single business-related class or workshop. The only...
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How To Realistically Set Your Fees - Part 4
Effect Of Bad Debts So far, we have covered the major factors involved in setting your fee structure. We have set a realistic number of billable hours, calculated the effect of expenses and taken into account the cost of a benefit package. ...
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One of The Best New Business Opportunities May Be Right there in Your Home - a New Daycare Business.
The day care industry is expanding. There are now more than 100,000 licensed child-care centers and 250,000 licensed family day care homes across the United States. The market for day care increases every year as the working mother in society...
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