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What's Keeping You at the Office (9 Tips to get home quicker)
"Work smarter, not harder" is a cliché that has darted in and out of the workplace for years. But it's still as true as ever. And it's often overlooked advice that truly works. "Working smarter" means think strategically about how to improve...
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The market for home loans has never been this hot
Where before, about a decade ago, owning your dream house seemed like a daunting task, today, however, it's as easy as pie. More and more people are now getting home loans in order to buy houses. However, along with this rise in home...
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The Landlording Follies
You are the landlord of a small apartment building that you are offering for sale. You find a buyer and a sale is arranged. The tenants learn of the sale and ask if they will be forced to move. How do you answer? You explain that it...
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Inventor Help: Go Hire a Great Patent Lawyer
Inventors should review hiring a top tier patent attorney, versus filing on their own or even worse doing nothing to protect their most important asset. A patent is the property right given by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to an inventor....
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The Secret To Having A Successful Online Business
For three years in Internet Marketing, I’ve tried to find what the secret was to having a successful online business. During the first 9 months it was pure money-loss. I’ve lost count the number of downline clubs, retire early opportunities and...
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