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You can turn your idea into an invention

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Ever wonder who first thought of the microwave, or whose
idea it was to use a keyless entry on a car? Someone had to
have an idea and turn that idea into an invention. People
have ideas, every day. The thing to do is present those
ideas to the right people so they can be turned into an

Do you have a great idea for an invention? Have you ever
found yourself thinking, ďI wish someone would come up with
aÖ.Ē What if that person were you? Ordinary people, with
great ideas to make life a bit easier, are usually the ones
who come up with ideas for inventions that we now have in
our lives.

The thought of developing your idea in to a solid plan and
getting your invention to market may be overwhelming to you.
But there are some things that will make that process

Making sure others like your idea is the first thing you
need to do. You may thing you have a great idea, but when
you present it to others, they donít agree.

Creating a prototype is another thing that is high on the
list of things you first need to do. You might have to put
some money into creating the prototype, especially if your
idea is complex and you need the help of professionals to
get it built.

Family and friends are the place to start, when trying to
get opinions about your prototype. Ask them if they think
your idea is a good one. If you donít get strong, positive
feedback, you should be prepared to let go of the idea.

Research is the next thing on the list, once you have found
an idea that gets a good response. You should arrange to
meet with manufacturers to talk about pricing, and perform
due diligence to make sure you donít have heavy competition.
The next thing is to apply for patent protection and meet
with potential marketing representatives and possible

Recording everything, accurately and concisely, is a must.
You have to protect yourself by maintaining detailed
records, while keeping things relatively secret. People
have ideas stolen, all the time, because the inventorís
world is a ruthless one.

You should also research national and international trade
shows, where you can display your new invention and meet
prospective buyers. If you find out that you can sell your
invention as an idea, to a prospective buyer, you should go
forward with your plans, on your own.

Bringing an invention to market takes hard work,
perseverance, and drive. Donít be discouraged if your first
idea doesnít click. Inventions have provided us with the
lifestyle we have today, and will be the future of our
lifestyles, tomorrow. Kenneth Babbington is the webmaster and developer of Y O Inventions, a leading resource to help make your invention a reality. Go to http://www.yoinvention.com/ to get invention news.


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